Monday, May 30, 2011

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BERNY, MANUEL NESTOR and recently graduated from college and
not have a clear plan for what comes from their lives.
Unsure about the opportunities presented to them Costa Rica,

the boys decide to concentrate on doing the only thing
seems certain, look for girls, partying and making the most of
the year-end celebrations. However, during the course of
The following day, key events in the personal lives
one of them conspire to complicate their lives.

When his girlfriend decides to end it, Berny starts
doubt about his plans to attend college in Los
Angeles, hoping to fix the relationship. And in the middle of
an identity crisis, courtesy of concerned adults
("What are you doing with your life?"), Manuel living under siege of
mother who questions him every day looking for an answer
he has. Nestor add to this, the fourth group who has
his own idealistic perspective that seeks to fix the country.

When confusion rules in a country where no one
can make a change, the rebellious spirit explodes
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