Monday, May 30, 2011

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A new drama of domestic Asian ginseng. The drama of this one special because not only is saeguk drama (drama period of ancient history) but also contains modern

elements. Just as a palace servant who later became the concubine of the king proved able to act as a detective who investigates crimes with CSI-style forensic knowledge.

This drama is set during the Joseon Dynasty (Chosun), precisely in the reign of King Suk-jong (played by actor Ji Jin-hee). King has a consort, Queen of the In-hyeon (Park Ha-sun), but also has a mistress named Lady Jang (Lee So-yeon). Unlike the Queen of the In-hyeon who is kind, Lady Jang is very power hungry and do not hesitate to remove anyone who is considered to hinder his ambition.

But this drama based on the title Dong Yi Jewel In The Crown is more focused her story on a beautiful woman named Dong Yi (Han Hyo-joo). He first entered the palace as a palace maid and later gained the trust Queen In-hyeon. On his way at court, Dong Yi showed brilliant ability to investigate such crimes that happened in the palace. No wonder the king fell in love so Dong Yi was appointed as a king's concubine.
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