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Teresa Mendoza was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, on Mexico's Pacific side. The streets of his hometown is a hotbed of money-changers, drug dealers and crooked cops willing to kill anyone who needed to control the cocaine trade between the U.S. and
Colombia. Small planes take off loaded the cocaine traffickers and land across the northern border to elude U.S. authorities. The Mexican mariachis sing their exploits in "narcocorridos" while Teresa and Guero Davila, an airplane pilot with too many secrets in a book and too small talk in the language, live the love story between bottles of tequila, saints smugglers, narcocorridos and " bales "of coca. Teresa is a fragile-looking girl, childhood stolen, lost honor, quick-witted and universal principles written upon his heart with the fire of the guns. The survival instinct is not studied, we choose, as Teresa, she never wanted to be queen of anything, so maybe he chose her, when one morning while shaving the legs, the phone rang, it was the output signal for hunting and trapping, Guero was dead, by breaking the rules and leave the language, and in Culiacan no spares no one, she was as guilty as he and his fate was decided, were the rules of the traffickers, she now going to start running a new flight Teresa Mendoza was accompanied by his memories and secrets of a Mexico torn by corruption and drug trafficking. But Teresa comes from a world where men, when death comes to visit with a smile, smile back. Culiacan fleeing with too many secrets his life is worthless, Spain is your destination via Melilla, where does the only thing he knows, money management of a small smuggler Galician Fisterra Santiago, owner of a speedboat, which between Melilla and the Peninsula is dedicated to circumvent the surveillance customs of the Civil Guard, charged with hashish and a past that haunts him and ultimately can not avoid a moonless night near the Gibraltar Strait. Puerto de Santa Maria and there Lt. O'Neill of the bourgeoisie, Andalusian Valiente, hard, educated, but unable to control their destiny, Teresa introduces new worlds of books and then lead immortal until a shipment of cocaine, lost in a cave on the coast of Spain, who will become the Queen of the South. The queen of the coca of the Costa del Sol wins Teresa's life and lose all those around you do not understand that coca is not an end, not even half the coca and cocaine is only worth what are willing to pay for it, Teresa knows that nobody can pay for it, because she has never been sold, she is free because coca is not the owner of Teresa, but Teresa is the owner of coca. The news across the Atlantic and come to Don Epifanio Vargas, who one day let out a frightened child, who is now a queen and knows too many issues that could end his political career unstoppable, the error made one day in Culiacan, no be repeated in Marbella. But Teresa is not alone or afraid, has a pending case, the white man, and when he is avenged, will spend the last page of your browsing history on the seas that were once suyos.Escriba your abstract here.
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