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Synopsis The Lost Bladesman

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Although often criticized for having acting ability that is too rigid, Donnie Yen seems to remain the choice of many directors in Hong Kong / China when it was looking for an actor to play a role in a movie period Asia. This time, the duo of writer and director, Alan Mak and Felix Chong - are popular thanks to their script
for Infernal Affairs trilogy (2003-2004) and Confession of Pain (2007) and directing them in overheard (2009), choosing the Yen to star in The Lost Bladesman, an adventure story of Guan Yu, adapted from the historical novel by Luo Guanzhong, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Those who have witnessed the Red Cliff (2008) by John Woo may have been familiar with Guan Yu and a few characters in this film. However, expectations should be placed as low as possible because the Lost Bladesman at different levels of Red Cliff. Lower levels.
Tells the story of Guan Yu through five border and killed six generals, The Lost Bladesman begins by introducing Cao Cao (Jiang Wen) who is determined to conquer the whole of mainland China under the authority of the Han Dynasty. In a fight at the Baima against Yuan Shao, Cao Cao asked for help Guan Yu, who finally succeeded in killing General Yan Liang (Chin Siu-ho). For his services, the Cao Cao Guan Yu awarded the title of "Marquis of Hanshou" and promoted to the position of lieutenant general in the hope that Guan Yu would continue to survive and cooperate with it. Sayangny, Guan Yu was preferred to remain loyal to his adopted brother, Liu Bei (Alex Fong), who also is one enemy of Cao Cao.

Guan Yu, Cao Cao eventually chose to leave at the same time intend to deliver lover Liu Bei, Qilan (Betty Sun), go back to him. Although severe and marked by opposition from his advisors, Cao Cao eventually took off Guan Yu. Beyond the knowledge of Cao Cao, his advisers ordered to each of the regions through which the general Guan Yu to kill him immediately. To further complicate the plot, Guan Yu himself actually has long put on Qilan liking, a feeling which constantly pressed to remember harapaannya to not betray Liu Bei. Finally, Guan Yu had started his adventures: through five border and killed six generals for Liu Bei to reuniting with her lover, Qilan.

The Lost Bladesman storyline actually has quite a lot of intrigue that will be able to make this film went pretty interesting. Unfortunately, Alan Mak and Felix Chong chose to tell the story of the adventures of main characters through narrative choice that comes with a sizable portion. Those who are not familiar with the story of Guan Yu's adventure and have never read the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms will face considerable difficulty in understanding the background of the story, characters and events that are presented at the Lost Bladesman result of the election narrative storytelling through a very rigid by Mak and Chong.

The presence of forbidden romance theme of love between Guan Yu and Qilan, which is supposed to provide freshness on the sidelines of the political story that became the main theme of this movie, also more often seen as a part that failed to be developed at all. In fact, romance is so flat that is presented in this film, the story can be eliminated entirely and in no way will affect the main story is presented. Stiffness manuscripts of stories written by Mak and Chong also be felt on a row of the spoken dialogue of the character and the lack of depth is performed in each role that is present throughout this movie revolves around.

Donnie Yen had admitted having a very precise figure to be presented as a hero figure. However, Yen is only able to look nice when he comes and shows his ability to act martial. The rest, acting ability Yen is still the same: stiff and boring. Jiang Wen appear quite convincing as Cao Cao's full of deception, although it still can be said can not be entirely satisfactory. Meanwhile, Betty Sun, who plays the character Qilan, must be able to accept the fact that he can not give the appearance of a more in-depth to his character, with limited characterization given to the character Qilan.

When the script and acting departments appear quite disappointing this film, good film production is able to rescue the Lost Bladesman of the category as a very bad movie. Martial arts choreography featured in the film is quite able to look stunning. Tata costumes, production design and cinematography, though not at all unusual, may appear to convince the audience. Most can be featured from the Lost Bladesman is good music produced by composer Henry Lai. Where the script story and view the cast of this film failed to produce a fabric of deep emotion on the viewers, the presence of Lai's music direction is able to provide such an emotional touch.

Unfortunate enough to see the Lost Bladesman appear disappointing with the material can actually be explored in more depth and it looks good. Alan Mak and Felix Chong confusion seems to carry the story line they want to present in The Lost Bladesman. Too many details of the story who wants to present a Mak and Chong chose to present it in narrative form that ended with the failure of this film is to establish better communication to the audience. This was coupled with a dull appearance of Donnie Yen who was unable to give life to the characters that he brought. At least, The Lost Bladesman still manages to look brilliant in terms of production procedures, including procedures to music by Henry Lai of the emotional. Although, of course, it will not guarantee a lot of people into falling asleep during watching this movie.
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