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Triunfo del Amor Synopsis

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Here we bring you the synopsis of the telenovela Triunfo del Amor is a production of Salvador Mejia for Televisa and where others involved Maite Perroni, William Levy, Victoria Ruffo, Osvaldo Rios, Daniela Romo, Dominika Paleta, etc ...
Maria is a young homeless extraordinarily beautiful, with an overwhelming
personality, noble and gentle. From the three years he has lived in an orphanage. Always thinking it was abandoned in the street, when in fact his mother (Victoria), had an accident and that meant that Mary Forsaken has grown very strong resentment toward their parents, but especially to his mother, then to understand that the has left.
When Mary leaves the orphanage Forsaken gets an apartment with Nati and Linda, two very different girls physically and morally, but also suffered a lot in life. The three become like sisters, but their personalities are completely different. But affection and true friendship binds them together forever.

The three living together begin to try to fulfill their dreams. Nati study and work until the weekend, Linda wants to find a rich man to keep and Mary Forsaken want to make their dream of becoming a high fashion model.

Forsaken deeply admires Mary Victoria (A great fashion designer who has triumphed in the upper world), never imagining that this woman is her real mother. When Mary finally agrees Forsaken known in the elevator with William, Victoria's husband is a famous and renowned actor with whom he sympathizes, and in a minor accident both trapped in the elevator. Later Mary Forsaken decides to ask for work to Victoria who by then is jealous because he suspected that her husband flirting to get her.

The misunderstanding grows, but as Victoria would rather have the "near enemy," he employs Mary Forsaken but always humiliated and treated badly, but the few moments he regrets his way of acting, being something connects to that girl which is nothing else than the voice of the blood, but both ignore and become aware at the time, that is when Maria Victoria Forsaken despise it and suffer the torment of losing her daughter again, until an accident of a new lifetime.

Meanwhile Maria Mauricio Forsaken knows (here is mentioned as well, but I think it will be Maximiliano), son of William and stepson of Victoria, who is an inveterate seducer and despite having a relationship with Marion (the model star the fashion house of Victoria) will try to seduce Mary Forsaken.

Mary Forsaken by showing that it rejects the values, which arouses the curiosity of the boy who ends up deeply in love with her. Forsaken Mary comes out of love for Mauritius and gets pregnant. Mauricio Forsaken Mary confesses her relationship with Marion, with whom he will marry soon. Mary Forsaken, wounded in his deepest feelings, decides to remain silent and not tell Maurice that it was expecting a child.

María Victoria Runs Forsaken to learn that he held a torrid affair with Mauritius. Mary Forsaken is unprotected and protected by his friends.
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