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Background in 1215, Ironclad tells about the publication of the great charter of the Magna Carta. Charter which were born out of a dispute between the Pope, King John, and the Baron with the aim of limiting the monarch absolute power. From here Jonathan Bahasa who acts as writer and director tried to dig up the true story of British history in the 13th century.

The story begins when King John (Paul Giamatti) hired mercenaries from Denmark to hunt down the Baron who forced him to sign Magna Carta. King John is a very cruel king who tried to restore the rights of full power without any control laws except by the king himself.

Elsewhere a Templar knight, Thomas Marshall (James Purefoy) is trapped in a situation that was brought against his king. Thomas along with Baron Albany (Brian Cox) end up trying to collect a small army to fight the mercenaries hired by King John.
In the castle of Rochester both warring groups who eventually carry out a war that sadistic, cruel and prolonged. With a strength of 20 Thomas led his men against the 1000 mercenary. Did they survive the attack King John is listed as one of the most evil king who had led the British.

Some sadistic scenes shown by Jonathan Classic to illustrate the cruelty of the king. Like when a priest who cut his tongue and the barons who was hanged and his body parts cut off as punishment for opposing the ruling. With a perfect effect, these scenes feel real and can make you squint.

For those of you who like war movies with historical background, Ironclad could serve as a spectacle that must be and be missed. But incomplete if not a war movie interspersed with spice of romance. Although few, the story of forbidden love between Thomas and Lady Isabella became an interesting seasoning in Ironclad.
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