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all right today my friend brought Rafaela Capitulo 106 Movie online site shares the highlights of this telenovela is very amazing story where a doctor on duty at the hospital seems like the slanting their mutual love, How is their love story? is it still able to survive in the midst of the trials it faces we'll see Rafaela Capitulo 106
Rafaela is a poor young man with many efforts
received from Dr. achieved. Arrives at the hospital directed by Dr. Rafael Antúnez
to their specialty. Antúnez is the father of Raphael, but was a

irresponsible young man who left his mother, Caridad, when he was
pregnant. Now, despite the protests of his wife, Morelia,
Antúnez tries to win the love of his daughter, but she treats him coldly.
Morelia does not support the scandal of having close to the illegitimate daughter of
husband and try to get rid of it.
Rafaela is a smart and competent professional, so it does not
like at all sexist and prejudiced attitude of Jose Maria, a
brilliant but old-fashioned doctor who believes that medicine is a
profession for men. However, the constant collision
personalities is gradually becoming an attraction
Rafaela not want to accept, as José María can be charming when
wants, but also a Don Juan, and also a lover of Ileana, a
married women.
José María Ileana ends with her attraction because it's Rafaela
irresistible. He invites her to the beach and, despite his decision to never accept a
man like him, Rafaela master left his heart. Then
disappointed herself, because she had vowed never
delivered to an unmarried man, not as a single mother
Charity and spare his son the pain of being rejected by her father as she
But definitely, she can no longer deny the love he feels for Jose
Mary, and agrees to go with him on vacation. Next week we spend together is
unforgettable, and José María promises that they will live together and soon return
marry, however, Raphael was a nasty surprise waiting
a huge disappointment.

Rafaela known to have been misled when it comes Mireya's wife
José María. At first, you feel the urge to fight for it, but
then realizes that it would be useless, as it dominates Mireya
completely, and decided to leave him forever.
Now, the story of his mother is about to repeat itself, as is Rafaela
expecting a child of José María. But with his friend Victor, a
good man who is in love with her and proposes to marry and give
his name to his son.
Rafaela suddenly finds himself in a difficult crossroads. Must decide whether
is better to accept the offer of a generous man who would give his son a
home and a name, a man who will be eternally grateful
but she does not love, or if it's worth fighting for the father of her son,
man he is, and perhaps forever, the love of his life.
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