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Since Mae (Nirina Zubir) and Rendy (Fedi Nuril) have children, they decided to become a small family of independent and free from interference and Rendy Mae's parents, and friends of those who are merely causing trouble. But apparently, not long after giving birth, Mae experience the baby blues that make Mae became moody and emotional. Rendy aware that in conditions like today, Mae actually require a large support from the people closest, but Mae was too proud to ask for help. Rendy finally persuaded Guntoro (Deddy Mahendra Desta), Beni (Ringgo Agus Rahman) and Eman (Amink) to secretly help without the knowledge Mae Mae
But lately, Mae understand that all actions Rendy Rendy do it is because it wants to be a good father for her children. Mae is asking for help to his companions, to restore confidence Rendy that he had deserved to be a father. How?

Film Type:
Chand Parwez Servia
Starvision Plus

Get Married 3 | Movie Online Site
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