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The Tarix Jabrix 3 Full Download | Movie Online Site

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The Tarix Jabrix 2 Full Download | Movie Online Site
The story begins with high school graduation a member of The Tarix Jabrix. At that time they were separated by the future plans of each - their personnel, the College Entrance Examination (UMPTN). As usual, the worm's genius has always had a brilliant idea for the tarix jabrix gang cohesiveness does not fade. Worms have any idea that the tarix jabrix moved and college in the city. Then they were together - just sell the bike and eventually buy a car. But there was one member who missed the the Dadang should stay in Bandung to help his father, who named Mr. Rohim (played by Sellen Fernadez) in the workshop Sugema.
Start early, while living and studying at Jakarta as a metropolitan city which makes a different condition from that in the imagined circumstances. This is where their love story - each personnel THe Tarix Jabrix get love. One of the Ciko and Throckmorton are twins got a twin pair pula.Kedua girl named Princess and Winda Winda Agustini Agustina Princess. But the worm each sad because her idol ie Carrisa daughter is studying in London, treated her with the presence Milinka played by Joanna Alexandra.

The story is not rolling in the romance and antics gang the tarix jabrix behavior, there is the climax which makes it more interesting. They are involved in a world of crime that is the case of kidnapping and one more thing of course about the wild race.

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The Tarix Jabrix 3 Full Download | Movie Online Site
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