Triunfo del Amor Synopsis

Here we bring you the synopsis of the telenovela Triunfo del Amor is a production of Salvador Mejia for Televisa and where others involved Maite Perroni, William Levy, Victoria Ruffo


Teresa Mendoza was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, on Mexico's Pacific side. The streets of his hometown is a hotbed of money-changers, drug dealers and crooked cops willing to kill anyone .

Synopsis La fuerza del destino

is a Mexican telenovela produced for Televisa by Rosy Ocampo. The recordings began on January 3, 2011. Will air from March de2011 by El Canal de las Estrellas. David Zepeda - Ivan Sandra

Sinopsis Cuando Seas Mía

Paloma is a young woman who works as a collector of coffee, but she is not attracted to follow this life forever, and that overcoming it is resting, reading books and notebooks, and again imagining

Synopsis Telenovela Rafaela

Rafaela is a poor young man with many efforts received from Dr. achieved. Arrives at the hospital directed by Dr. Rafael Antúnez to their specialty. Antúnez is the father of Raphael, but was a

Monday, July 16, 2018

Star Wars Movie Collection

Star Wars Movie Collection

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Video Una Familia Con Suerte Capítulo 169 Movie Online Site

Well today I bring my friend Una Familia Capitulo 169 con Suerte online Movie site shares the highlights of this telenovela is amazing where you can see directly and free watch telenovela only here, for friends who want to see this telenovela just go to Una Familia con Suerte Capitulo 169

Fernanda Peñaloza (Alicia Rodriguez) gets the news he has cancer and vows to commit suicide. When you are about to jump off a bridge, Pancho Lopez (Arath de la Torre), a vegetable dealer, says that life is beautiful and we must fight for it every day. Persuades and invites her up to his truck, which was called 'La Burra'.

Pancho Lopez is a humble man, full of values ​​and a natural business intelligence, helps those in need and believes in family. Think about having a lot of poses many problems.
Fernanda knows Pancho's four children: Lupita (Ale Garcia) is the spoiled daughter, a lovely girl who inherited his father's love for social service. Anna (Sherlyn) is a music lover and has not realized that is pretty, sometimes feels that his father wants more for her Lupita. Temo (Daniel Arevalo) is the baby of the family, when he was born, Laura (Ana Barbara), Pancho's wife, died giving birth, was raised by Chela (Luz Elena Gonzalez), sister of Pancho, she took family when his sister died. Chela has a secret: his only love in life was Pancho.

Pepe Lopez (Pablo Lyle) is the eldest son of Pancho. It is bold, apprentice mechanic and pilot likes cars, and this relates to people of different social strata. Meet Monica Rinaldi (Violeta Isfel), rich girl and girlfriend of Freddy Irabia (Juan Diego Covarrubias) and become rivals, not only in racing but also in love for Monica.

Candelaria (Alicia Machado) is the sister of Pancho. She is beautiful and there is a diva, exposes its lush beauty for all to admire men in the neighborhood.

Pancho Lopez and his family face a serious problem: the neighborhood is foreclosed and no money to pay the debt, it hurts to Pancho is failing to protect his family.

Fernanda Peñaloza values ​​honesty and responsibility of Pancho Lopez, considered an honest man, quite the opposite of his nephew Vicente Irabia (Sergio Sendel), a type convenenciero and ambitious, who longs for his aunt to die for her fortune and president of the company.

Enzzo Rinaldi (Pedro Moreno) wants to strip the Lopez family and friends from his neighborhood. Pancho is cornered, suffer humiliation with his family and has no choice but to accept the proposal of Fernanda Peñaloza and become president of the cosmetics company.

Rebeca Treviño (Mayrín Villanueva), beautiful and intelligent woman who advises Pancho in his role as president of the company. She will educate, teach him to behave and make determinations in the world of finance. Will become the rival of Chela.

The Lopez family moves into the mansion of Fernanda and will be neighbors of the family Irabia: Vicente, Pina (Daniel Castro) and Freddy. This change will bring fun situations among the poor and the rich.

Pina is the wife of Vincent, a hypochondriac woman because her husband is not paying attention and did not increase his child. It has a radio program, 'Pina Comment' that serves as therapy. Only accompanied by the dog? Bee? family pet. But later, 'Popeye', the current dog López seduces the fine dog, which causes a conflict between the families.

And following the footsteps of 'Bee', Vincent is captivated by the sensual beauty of the Candela and is given a torrid romance between them full of droll situations.

The two families, Lopez and Irabia intersect in a series of funny and exciting situations where Anne, who hates the shallowness, falls just a superficial guy, Freddy. And know the passion Pina Thomas (Osvaldo de Leon), Lupita's boyfriend, whom she unleashed exciting situations, giving Pena a fire back into your life.

Video Una Familia Con Suerte Capítulo 169 Movie Online Site

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cuando Seas Mia Capitulo 205 | Movie online site

hello guys we will meet again today I bring Cuando Seas Mia Capitulo 205 Movie Online Site turned out to be a more interesting story is the story of telenovela okay if romance save Don Lorenzo, To a friend who would like to see the video to go directly to Cuando Seas Mia Capitulo 205 or want to read the synopsis please see below, In this blog we also present the latest movie reviews online TV and other new video we here also present the latest sports videos bloa such as soccer, tennis, badminton, basketball NBA and other sports
Ver Cuando Seas Mia Capitulo 205 online telenovela
Avance Cuando Seas Mia Capitulo 205 online telenovela
Video Cuando Seas Mia Capitulo 205 Online telenovela

With the death of the great patriarch of coffee, Don Lorenzo, his heirs gather in "Casa Blanca", where he meets Diego Paloma, who is the grandson of Don Lorenzo and only hopes to finish his studies to take care of "Casa Blanca", and that is their only hope that for the love you feel totally disillusioned.
When the destination is responsible for bringing to Diego and Paloma, both believe they have found the ideal love, but you have to jump all the obstacles that a name like Diego Sanchez Zambrano may result, because in his family there and no matter greed that have to be destroyed as long as the goal: The Patriarchate of "Casa Blanca".

Paloma and Diego know that the only hope of survival, is in love.

Silvia Navarro - Teresa Suarez Paloma / Elena Oli
This beautiful girl is 25, has a beautiful singing voice that always feeds at every opportunity. Intelligent but their culture is poor, she struggles to get ahead and learn all you can. In love, you give everything.

Sergio Basanez - Diego Sanchez
Responsible and serious young man, is (28 years and is attractive, his commitment to the studios do care deeply about the country and its culture, a passion inherited from his grandfather has ever been in love or felt any physical attraction to women until he meets Paloma.

Martha Cristiana - Berenice Sandoval
Berenice at 28 years becomes the wife of Diego. Cold nature is the ideal candidate for her husband because he did not want to have intercourse with her passions. Your indifference will make the greatest enemy of Paloma.

Rodrigo Abed - Fabian Sanchez
Is about 30 years is Diego's cousin, will do everything possible because it is not a Paloma. Very intelligent and successful with women.

Anette Michel - Barbara
Fabian's wife is a woman tormented by jealousy that produce the continuous achievements of her husband. His salvation is a pregnancy that they get the fortune Sánchez therefore Paloma hates death, the only woman who can throw all your plans overboard.

Cuando Seas Mia Capitulo 205 | Movie online site

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